Image of Leaf - Gege Gatt

Leaf - Gege Gatt


Signed by the artist

Shot in Montegridolfo, Italy which is about 2 hours away from Amatrice one of the villages that was destroyed by the 24/08 earthquake. The leaf, in many cultures, is a symbol of hope, revival and new life.


Gege Gatt is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a keen photographer and has exhibited his work in several locations including Nanjing (China), Lavandou (France) as well as local exhibitions across Malta and Gozo. Gege is a Getty Images contributor and a member of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography. He has co-authored and contributed to a 2009 book on Seascapes (available from amazon.com) and was commissioned to shoot an album cover for Transtechnica Records (Santiago, Chile). Online, his photos have been published by the BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bang & Olufsen, Canon, University of Toronto Magazine, International Music Network and several other printed and online galleries and publications.

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