Image of Layers of light and flowers - Ruth Ancilleri

Layers of light and flowers - Ruth Ancilleri


Signed by the artist and numbered
Printed on 200gsm coated matte
Print comes not framed and packaged in a tube.
Size: 297 x 420mm

Through an experimental approach, these drawings depict a very common flower found in different countries of the Mediterranean. The caper plant flower, also called the Flinders rose. Such flower can symbolise Malta quite well and its solidarity with other countries in the Mediterranean. This plant adjusts well to the hot and dry Mediterranean climate, manages to grow in poor soils, on rock surfaces, and in abandoned surroundings. Despite all the challenges of its environment, it manages to survive and produce beautiful and unique large white flowers. The nature of such plant personifies strength and the need and persistence to live against all the odds.


Ruth Ancilleri a visual artist, illustrator and fine arts lecturer based in the island of Malta. In 2007, she completed a Masters in Visual Arts at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and is currently reading a Masters in Illustration (Visual Communication) at the University of Hertfordshire. After her studies in Florence in 2008, she worked as a Junior Draughtsperson and Illustrator on the Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar film Agora, where she learned new skills and gained more confidence in the creative industry. Throughout the years Ruth collaborated with other artists and designers on various artistic ventures; events, exhibitions, and freelance projects. I worked as a freelance illustrator for the Malta National Book Festival 2013 and 2014. Ruth currently hold the post of Lecturer in Fine Arts at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Malta.

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